Pay Your Dues

Please take a few minutes to consider what PMFA means to the Papa Murphy’s franchise community.

For 2017, we have decided to maintain our minimum annual dues at $50 per store with a 5 store maximum. This amount is significantly lower than almost all other restaurant franchise associations, which are typically about $100 – $250.

Your dues make a big difference, as PMFA supports the Papa Murphy’s Franchise community in four important ways:

  1. Community and Teamwork – We bring franchisees together to discuss the relevant topics of the day. In short, we provide forums for franchisees to meet and share their thoughts, concerns and ideas.  Remember, no single franchisee is as strong as all franchisees together…isn’t that one of the main reasons to buy a franchise in the first place?  Along these lines, we have significantly improved our communication and collaboration with the FAB during the past year.
  2. Communication and Education – We strive to bring you unfiltered information on the most important issues we face in our businesses today. We do this via our newsletters, bi-weekly emails, and member meetings.
  3. Advocacy and Representation – We represent our members’ interests to PMI, the FAB, Washington, DC and wherever Papa Murphy’s franchisees need to be heard. We focus these efforts on the issues that are most important to our members.
  4. Strength and Profitability – We bring you new programs and best practices to improve and protect your business. These programs are often brought to PMFA by outside vendors who work with us to develop programs that benefit our entire franchise community.  Additionally, we strive to share best practices from our franchisees.

As you know, we continue to face new and important challenges in our businesses.  As such, we understand that PMFA needs to continuously strive to improve how we operate and how we represent our franchisees.  During 2015, we continued our important work, with particular focus on capital and expense controls, labor solutions, pricing strategies, promotional successes (and failures), co-op management, and the role that POS systems can have on your businesses. We will represent you on Capitol Hill, through organizations such as the International Franchise Association, on such important issues as the joint-employer standard, overtime rules, ACA, unionization, and minimum wage.  We also continually hunt for new ways to help you manage your business and control your costs.  We are currently working on a number of programs, such as a used equipment marketplace, and a communication forum.  Next year will surely bring new challenges, and we are prepared and eager to face them.

In order to demonstrate our strength in numbers, we need every Papa Murphy’s franchisee to join us as a dues-paying PMFA member. The dues go to support the administration of the PMFA organization and legal counsel.  I am certain you have seen the many examples where franchise organizations/associations have stepped up to the plate to represent the franchise position in value menus, beverage and equipment mandates, reimage requirements and others.  PMFA needs to have funds in order to be recognized by the franchisor as a viable, credible representative of the franchisees – organized and unified are keys to PMFA’s success.

Joining PMFA in 2017 is an investment for your business you cannot afford to pass up.  If you have any questions about PMFA membership, please do not hesitate to call me at 407-421-5470, the PMFA Central Office at 913-387-5612 or your regional representative.

Scottie Cahill, PMFA President

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